Vaginal Rejuvenation

It's not a topic that gets much discussion, but the reality is that each year thousands of women seek surgical enhancement of their vaginal area through cosmetic surgery procedures such as labiaplasty or a pubic lift. Dr. Kailash Narasimhan helps many women renew the look of their vagina by performing vaginal rejuvenation surgery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dr. Narasimhan respects that women today are empowered to make their own decisions about how they want their bodies to look and feel. Vaginal rejuvenation helps Tampa Bay women enhance their sensuality and feel more confident in intimate settings. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he has developed a precise surgical technique and can create the tailored look you desire.

Dr. Narasimhan will take the time to answer your questions and concerns about cosmetic surgery procedures when you meet with him in his comfortable, modern office. Request a consultation to learn more.

Why Choose Dr. Narasimhan

Dr. Narasimhan is an excellent choice for your cosmetic procedure for many reasons, including:

  • Double board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology
  • Highly trained in procedures of face, breast, and body
  • Passion for cosmetic procedures and patient care
  • Compassionate care and attention to detail

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation

Several different procedures can be performed to enhance the vaginal area. Labiaplasty reduces the size and/or alters the shape in young women who note abnormally large labia which many times develops after puberty or in women with extended or stretched labia that are uncomfortable or negatively impact a woman's self-image. Dr. Narasimhan uses advanced techniques including Z-plasty and W-plasty and central wedge nymphectcomy. Pubic lift can also be performed when excess skin and fat descends over the vagina due to weight fluctuation or age. This excess tissue can be removed to recontour the area.

Is This Procedure Right for Me?

Women may have many cosmetic and functional concerns with the exterior vaginal area. Some women naturally have protruding or overly long labia while for others the labia have become stretched following childbirth, sexual activity, or aging. Besides being unattractive, stretched labia also can be uncomfortable and even unhygienic. Many women with elongated or oversized labia feel awkward or self-conscious in intimate settings. If you can relate to these concerns, you may be a candidate for labiaplasty. If the skin and other tissue above your vagina has begun to sag, you may want to consider a pubic lift. This procedure can be performed as a part of a Mommy Makeover or enhanced with laser hair removal.

Recovery After Surgery

Some swelling and discomfort occurs after surgery for most women, and pain medication can keep any discomfort in check. Dr. Narasimhan requires patients to rest for 3 to 5 days after their procedure before they are cleared to return to work. After surgery, women need to avoid sex and strenuous physical activity for 4 to 6 weeks. By using proven techniques, Dr. Narasimhan minimizes scarring and the risk of loss of sensation.

How Do I Get Started?

Your next step is to request a private, confidential consultation with Dr. Narasimhan, a plastic surgeon who has earned board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Request a consultation online or call the office of Narasimhan Plastic Surgery at (727) 289-7119.