Rhinoplasty for Cosmetic AND Functional reasons

Every week we have patients in our St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay practice ask if rhinoplasty can help with breathing and cosmesis. Often there is confusion as to how the procedure is done for functional versus aesthetic reasons.  Some of the techniques are identical, but it is critically important to really listen to my patients and their individual concerns.  Often patients want functional improvement (breathing, after trauma) but want minimal cosmetic change in their appearance, while others breath fine and what a dramatic change in the shape of their nose.  How, as a rhinoplasty surgeon, do I make this decision ?  Well, firstly, I would like to address why patients have rhinoplasty…

Rhinoplasty Main Indications:

The main reasons why my patients desire rhinoplasty are


  1. to remove the appearance of a hump on the bridge of the nose
  2. make the nasal tip smaller and more refined
  3. narrow the bridge of the nose
  4. decrease the width of the nose
  5. shorten (or lengthen) the projection of the nose


  1. to improve breathing
  2. to straighten a deviated septum or deviated nasal bridge
  3. to open the nasal valves and improve airflow
  4. to restore the shape of the nose after trauma, injury or damage

How It is done:

Rhinoplasty is done through a closed or open approach.  Usually for complex cases or tip work the open approach is preferred.  A septal cartilage harvest is almost always done, where part of the nasal septum is used to add structure to other parts of the nose.  This is very important in my approach to rhinoplasty.  Unlike older techniques which relied on removing all the structures of the nose–in the modern and more innovative techniques to rhinoplasty we employ a balanced and nuanced approach in which we preserve cartilage and structure.  This guarantees a natural and smooth result.


Bottom Line:

As a surgeon certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat) I have a unique training experience to help guide you through the rhinoplasty consultation, surgery , and post-operative recovery.  Each year I help teach younger surgeons regarding rhinoplasty techniques at the International Dallas Rhinoplasty Course.  Contact us if you have any questions and to view our photo gallery.


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