Combined Breast Enhancement

Satisfying breast enhancement should offer “complete” results, and combined breast enhancement procedures are designed to do just that — increasing the size of your breasts and creating a perkier shape. Whether your breasts have fallen and lost volume over time, or have always seemed small and disproportionate for your figure, Dr. Kailash Narasimhan has the advanced skills required to combine the right techniques for your body. A combined breast enhancement procedure at his Tampa area practice in St. Petersburg involving both might be the ideal solution.

Dr. Narasimhan approaches each breast enhancement surgery with a wealth of experience, insight and compassion. Once you feel ready to discuss combination breast lift and augmentation, request a consultation with Dr. Narasimhan or call the office of Narasimhan Plastic Surgery at  (727) 289-7119.

Dedicated to Your Care


Dr. Narasimhan is an excellent choice for your cosmetic procedure for many reasons, including:

  • Double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology
  • Highly trained in procedures of the face, breast, and body
  • Passion for cosmetic procedures and patient care
  • Compassionate care and attention to detail
Accreditation: Amercian Board of Plastic Surgery, The Aestheitc Society, The Rhinoplasty Society Accreditation: American Board of Otolaryngology, American Academy of Otoraryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Is Combined Breast Enhancement Right For You?

Combined breast enhancement surgery helps women like you accomplish many goals:

  • Elevate and fill out breasts that appear to “point downward”
  • Correct asymmetry between smaller, unevenly positioned breasts
  • Create a younger look that matches better with the rest of the body
  • Reverse the effects of pregnancy as part of a mommy makeover

See for yourself how he blends artistry and accuracy when you view breast enhancement photos of real patients.

Customizing Your Breast Breast Enhancement Procedure

Dr. Narasimhan believes cosmetic surgery has pleasing results and a positive effect on your life and appearance when the procedure is tailored to your individual needs. Breast lift-augmentation procedures require a high level of skill because they both tighten and expand the breast tissues at the same time, so Dr. Narasimhan evaluates your needs carefully and reviews his suggestions with you in detail.

Breast Augmentation

A beautiful breast augmentation results from the right incision option, the right positioning technique, and the right choice of breast implants. Dr. Narasimhan will talk over your options thoroughly with special attention to which implant options will create a better aesthetic result in combination with your lift procedure.

Breast Lift

Dr. Narasimhan offers several different techniques for tightening the breast tissues and lifting the breast mound, and in many cases he can achieve both of these goals with an incision around the areola only, though some may require an additional “lollipop” extension. He will assess your breast shape and recommend an option that will involve a minimal number of incisions to achieve your goals.

How Long Will My Breast Enhancement Results Last?

Adding a breast lift to your breast augmentation can actually help increase the longevity and durability of your results. Dr. Narasimhan will have specific instructions for you both before and after surgery to help your breasts heal properly, and it’s important that you follow these carefully to ensure the best possible results.

Initial healing will happen within 2 weeks, but it may take close to 4 months for your final results to develop, so patience is important. Combining surgeries usually doesn’t add to total recovery time, but Dr. Narasimhan will be able to give you a more specific time frame based on factors like your health and fitness level.