Asian Rhinoplasty– Aesthetic treatment and Customized


Asian rhinoplasty–patients either from Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Southeast Asia, vary significantly in their anatomic features however there are some commonalities in both anatomy and surgical technique, Dr. Narasimhan is a rhinoplasty expert in ethnic and multicultural rhinoplasty and customizes his rhinoplasty procedures for every patient. Below we will describe the anatomic similarities and surgical approach in Asian rhinoplasty or nosejob.

Anatomic Features:

Many patients of Asian origin have thicker and more sebaceous skin. This can present a challenge during healing but also during the procedure if we are to make the nose smaller and more refined. Meticulous skin care and surgical maneuvers to use rib or ear cartilage can overcome forces of thick skin.

In addition, there is often a paucity of skeletal and cartilage structure. The nose may be underprojected and overrotated. This can again be corrected with cartilage grafting techniques. The nasal bridge and root or radix may be lower and need grafting to define the bridge and build it up. Rib cartilage is excellent for this purpose.

Cosmetic Goals:

The ideal shape for the nose is one that complements the dorsum/bridge and tip. It is a common ideal but can vary based on the patient’s ethnicity. The nose must be congruent with ethnicity–to create a nose that subtle balances the face while not drawing unwanted attention.


Dr. Narasimhan has 12 years of training and over a decade of practice in Ethnic rhinoplasty including Asian rhinoplasty in his Tampa Bay plastic surgery practice. He sees patient all over Tampa, Sarasota, St. Petersburg and Clearwater who desire rhinoplasty. Please contact us today for a consultation!