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Rhinoplasty–Cutting-Edge and Innovative Techniques   Rhinoplasty has evolved tremendously from its origins.  At Narasimhan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Narasimhan trains other surgeons yearly from around the world at the International Dallas Rhinoplasty course, on the most innovative and effective nasal reshaping surgical techniques.  Rhinoplasty is more about aesthetic balance and proportion, rather than dramatic changing one's appearance.  This …

Narasimhan Plastic Surgery

The Art & Science of Successful Revision Rhinoplasty (Updated 2023)

My practice sees a significant number of revision rhinoplasty cases involving patients who've had their initial surgery performed elsewhere. Sometimes referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, the procedure is intricate and specialized and requires a skilled specialist to navigate its complex variables. Setting Expectations for Your Revision Rhinoplasty For those who've been through the surgical …