Facial Liposuction to Contour your Jawline and Neck

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Many of my patients have unwanted fat around their neck and jawline (jowls)…The fact is, despite diet and exercise, often fat in the face does not respond as effectively to conservative treatment.

Some patients, younger and older, have had fullness in the neck and jawline their entire lives.  These areas are especially prevalent in our selfie-obsessed age where photo graphs are being taken from lower angles.  These can be unflattering views.

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As a board-certified plastic surgeon and board-certified ENT (facial plastic surgeon), my background has given my patients a variety of cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical options to treat this unwanted facial fat.  Let’s go through a few treatments today…



Kybella or Deoxycholic acid, is a new injectable product that is used in the office.  This simple procedure is ideal for a patient with isolated fat deposits in the submental (chin) region.  Patients should ideally also have good skin tone and skin quality.  In a series of two treatment sessions, patients can see the fat disappear.  There is swelling for about 4-5 weeks after each treatment, so results are evident after a couple of months.


Liposuction is a time-testing and highly effective treatment for fat deposits.  In our our office we use a suction-assisted technique that gives predictable and outstanding results.  We do this procedure in the office and in the operating room for patients or all walks.  The liposuction cannula can be feathered to treat the jawline and improve those hated jowls.  We inject a wetting solution which helps with swelling and pain initially and prep your skin, much like an operative procedure.  However we are doing this in the office and thus forgoing the recovery involved with formal general anesthesia.  So BETTER RECOVERY, IN OFFICE, and LOCAL ANESTHESIA.  The procedure takes about 1 hour total as well.  Swelling and minor bruising are likely, but patients start to see results in a couple weeks.

Neck liposuction actual patient before and after photos profile view

Before and After Chin and Jawline Facial Liposuction (Dr. Narasimhan’s patient)

Anterior Necklift Procedure:

A further variation is the anterior necklift , where not only the neck and chin is lipocontoured, but we also make a small 3.5 cm incision in the area just under the chin.  Here we remove larger fat deposits AND can tighten neck bands.  We have all see patients with large neck bands that hang under the chin.  This alternative procedure goes a step further and can be done in the office for select patients.

Image result for neck bands

Neck Bands under the chin

actual neck liposuction patient before and after photos front view actual neck liposuction patient before and after photos profile view

Frontal and Side Views of Dr. Narasimhan’s Patient who underwent neck liposuction and anterior necklift

The Process

We will sit with you for 45 min to 1 hour to discuss your cosmetic goals, listening to your cosmetic concerns.  Then we can devise a treatment plan, perform a in-depth exam of your skin and facial region, and go over the procedure.  The main goal is the determine if your are a candidate for these above procedures.

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