Great Skincare Tips During Stay-At-Home!

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Looking to improve your skincare game during “stay-at-home”?  Our aesthetician Katrina details some helpful home practices and product recommendations which will maintain and improve your skin !  These are also helpful adjuncts for patients getting surgery, Botox, and Filler treatments…(Above she describes the At Home Peel with description below)

1.      Practice Good Habits at Home

        • Change Pillowcases and sheets weekly–this helps to avoid breakouts
        • Clean makeup brushes monthly
        • Drink water to stay hydrated
        • Vitamins
        • Avoid overly hot showers–Can dry skin
        • Get plenty of sleep
        • Apply Lip moisturizers
        • Try this At Home Peel
          1. First cleanse with gentle cleaner
            2. Then apply 2-3 pumps of Daily Power Defense
            3. Last apply 5 pumps of Radical Night Repair!
            4. We recommend doing an at home peel once a week or every other week.
            5. At home chemical peels help to remove dull skin, brighten age spots and improve skin texture. Call our office to purchase your products 727-289-7119

2.      Schedule an Appointment with your Skincare Professional

    1. Meet with a medical professional to discuss skincare needs
    2. Monthly facial appointment–to deep clean pores
    3. Exfoliate your skin–this increases cellular turnover, takes our dead skin cells, and allows your medical grade skincare to work best.For all skin types it is recommended to exfoliate weekly/ ZO Exfoliating polish 2-3 times per week

3.     Start A Medical Grade Skincare Regimen

This is great time to start a home skincare treatment of MEDICAL GRADE skin care products…try this formula for morning and

nighttime!  All skin types should do a daily and nightly skin care routine to help with skin clarity, fight against aging and address skin

concerns to achieve ultimate results.

Daily skin care regime for morning           Daily regime for night time

Cleanse                                                              Double cleanse to remove make-up/ sunscreen

Tone                                                                   Exfoliate 2/3x week

Serum/Antioxidant                                         Tone

Moisturize                                                         Mask once a week to add in hydration/brighten/TLC

Eye cream                                                         Serum

SPF                                                                    Moisturize

Eye cream


4 . Determine Your Skin type.  Is your skin Normal, Oily, Sensitive or Dry?  Based on the recommendations of a professional, you may want to try one of these daily routines…



ZO Gentle Cleanser


vitamin C /CE Ferulic by Skin Ceuticals

moisturize/ ZO Daily Power Defense



ZO Gentle Cleanser

ZO complexion renewal pads

moisturize/ Daily Power Defense/ Growth Factor Serum

ADD ON – eye creams, pore refiners, spot treatments, retinol



ZO Exfoliating Cleanser

tone/ Oil control pads

Vitamin C- Phloretin

moisturize/Daily Power Defense



Exfoliating Cleanser

Oil control pads

moisturize/ Daily Power Defense


ADD ON- eye creams,pore refiners, spot treatments, blemish control



ZO Hydrating Cleanser

tone/ calming toner

moisturize/ Daily Power Defense



ZO hydrating Cleanser

tone/calming toner

Moisturize/ Daily Power Defense

ADD ON- eye cream, Rozatrol,antioxidants if tolerated, Growth factor serum for ant-aging,for extreme dryness add recovery creme

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