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Narasimhan Plastic Surgery

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Our practice now offers the convenience of virtual consultations and appointments.  This is a perfect option for patients who want to be seen by Dr. Narasimhan from home!  Your safety is of utmost important to us, and rest assured we have made modifications to our practice to facilitate your treatment and evaluation.

Why Virtual Consultations:

    • Save Time–no time spent driving in and waiting
    • Convenient–Talk to Dr. Narasimhan in a professional setting from your home

How It Works…

    • Call Us at 727-289-7119 and speak with our staff to schedule
    • We use a secure and high-resolution platform to videoconference your consultation with Dr. Narasimhan
    • You will fill out paperwork ahead of time using this link for online forms
    • Beforehand, you also will send us 3-4 high quality images of yourself using standard medical photographic angles–per instructions provided to you; and will be only seen by staff.
    • You will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Narasimhan, our patient care coordinator, and our practice manager, who will guide you through the process
    • As a patient, you will be able to ask questions, review common concerns, review postoperative care, and schedule your surgery

Instructions on Photos:

    • You will get a link to a sample series of photos as an aid.  Examples include…
    • Use good lighting
    • Use a solid color background
    • Center your self in the photo
    • position your self 3-4 feet from camera
    • Have another person take the photo


    1. We are still answering calls per our normal business hours of 830-430 pm
    2. We are still scheduling surgery, injectables, and facials 🙂
    3. Products are still available for purchase or through our websit

You can take a virtual tour of our office here!


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