Preservation Rhinoplasty at Narasimhan Plastic Surgery

At Narasimhan Plastic Surgery, we strive to perform the highest quality and cutting edge techniques and are proud to bring the technique of preservation rhinoplasty to our practice.  As a clinical instructor at Rhinoplasty symposia like the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, Dr. Narasimhan is an expert in world-class nasal reshaping surgery and providing his patients the best patient outcomes, quality, and experience with a good recovery.

What is preservation rhinoplasty?

Preservation rhinoplasty describes a new breakthrough and philosophy in rhinoplasty or nasal reshaping in which many of the natural elements of the nose such as the nasal tip cartilages, and the bridge of the nose are not taken apart or destroyed but rather reshaped and altered to ensure function and stability of the nose.  Instead of destroying the cartilage structures of the nose and then rebuilding, we are maintaining the structural integrity of the nose while modifying specific aspects of the bridge and tip to improve nasal aesthetics. The result is better recovery and better outcomes, particularly in the nasal tip and the dorsal aesthetic lines (nasal lines along the side of the nose)

Preservation Rhinoplasty:

Preservation rhinoplasty results showing a smooth profile and tip rotation with minimal bruising, even intraoperatively

How does Preservation differ from traditional methods of rhinoplasty?

Traditional rhinoplasty sequence

PDF] Dorsal Preservation: The Push Down Technique Reassessed | Semantic  Scholar

Preservation rhinoplasty sequence

Traditional, older methods of rhinoplasty are more destructive.  In order to reduce a dorsal hump (hump on the bridge of the nose), traditional techniques rely on completely taking apart the bone and cartilage then reconstructing.  The problem is that this complex are of the bridge (keystone) has complex anatomy and healing can be variable.  As a result, there can be unpredictability with using traditional methods.  By contrast, preservation involves maintaining the important relationships of the bone and cartilage.  The whole nose is mobilized and repositioned thus achieving a more natural aesthetic look to the nose. Dr. Narasimhan is board certified in plastic surgery and ENT, and an active member of the rhinoplasty society. Ask Dr. Narasimhan about preservation rhinoplasty today!

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