BOTOX Cosmetic as an Adjunct to Facial Plastic Surgery

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In the past 20 years, BOTOX has been a real game-changer in it’s ability to control the quality of the skin and wrinkling.  Deep lines are now make it disappear with consistent BOTOX treatment.  While it does not have the efficacy of surgery, BOTOX is extremely effective when used as preventative treatment for wrinkles and lines, especially in the forehead, glabellar, crows feet, and around the mouth.

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At Narasimhan plastic surgery use BOTOX daily for patients as an integrative treatment for  overall facial cosmetic well-being.  It is truly a miracle drug!  We have patients in the 60s and 70s with smooth and consistent skin because of the benefits of Botox Cosmetic.  These neurotoxins work by relaxing the facial muscles and thus long-term prevent wrinkling by preventing deep line formation.

Some of my biggest gains however, have been in patients who are also getting facelift surgery.  Indeed, my facial rejuvenation surgery practice has evolved to include BOTOX as part of my regular management.  In addition, I believe BOTOX has circumvented the need for surgery.  What to I mean by this?  Continue reading!

Adjunct to Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

We believe that maintaining good and consistent skin is a long-term investment.  No one off or quick fix is will be as effective as a long-term commitment.  When patients have excess jowl skin or neck fullness, then the area good candidate for a traditional facelift procedure.  This involves skin undermining and redraping with the removal of the skin but also addressing the deeper layer of the fascia called the SMAS.  This is our strength layer and needs to be addressed to perform a successful facelift.  While these procedures are excellent for the cheek, jaw line, and neck, about the forehead, I always tell patients that BOTOX consistently taken will prevent the need for surgery .  It will soften the lines and provide a gentle amount of brow lifting.  Honestly, I do not like some of the larger scars used during browlifting.  While many patients are far past the point where BOTOX will be tremendously beneficial, starting a consistent treatment even in the 40s or 50s will circumvent the need for later brow lift procedures.  As a board certified plastic surgeon and facial plastic surgeon, I can discern whether surgical treatment may or may not be beneficial compared to a nonsurgical injectable treatment.

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BOTOX new uses:

BOTOX is not only effective for lines in the forehead, crows feet and glabellar region, but also around the mouth, the chin for dimpling, and even for platysmal neck bands.  I have used it in all of these areas and we continue to improve our knowledge of this miracle drug.  Its uses are now being applied to help prevent deep scarring, muscle spasticity, migraines, and sweating.  What is next!?


Dr. Narasimhan is board certified in both otolaryngology as well as plastic surgery.  He is director of Narasimhan plastic surgery and skin care med spot, and all encompassing boutique practice dedicated to the integrated care of patient’s with cosmetic surgery, nonsurgical injectable treatment, skin resurfacing, and medical aesthetics.  His practice is in Tampa Bay Florida, encompassing the regions of Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, Florida.

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