Use of Simulation for Your Rhinoplasty

Narasimhan Plastic Surgery

Simulation can be an effective tool to give a realistic and possible outcome for mainly primary rhinoplasty in non-complex cases.  I tell patients that at best, it is a communication tool for us to review results that are surgically possible–assuming appropriate healing and recovery.  I have found this technology to be very useful in giving patients a visual guide for possible results.

When do we use simulation:

Simulation is utilized during the consultation process when we first talk to patients about their procedure and possible results.  Often patients bring in “inspiration” photos of a famous celebrity or a friend with a nose they admire.  Other patients have no clue how to articulate their cosmetic concerns to us and just want the nose to look “better”.  Without trying to look up complex technical jargon they may have seen online–a simulation is a picture worth a thousand words! It can be helpful and patients often say, “yes, that’s the nose I want!”

How do we use simulation:

Pictures are taken before Dr. Narasimhan meets with his patients and then the patient and Dr. Narasimhan shows the simulation through a monitor .  A discussion about aesthetic changes is then conducted regarding the patient’s wishes and desires, and if they match up appropriately with the simulation.  By no means is the simulation a static “take it or leave it” mockup– it is a dynamic process between patient and surgeon to make sure both are on the same page.  It can be altered or tailored even more.


Ideally the simulation will look like the real, surgical result.  Check out these before and afters of patients and their simulations, and surgical results by Dr. Narasimhan…

Rhinoplasty before and after photos with simulation in middle

Rhinoplasty before and after photos with simulation profile view

In conclusion, computer generated simulation should not be “set-in-stone”.  But when performed by the surgeon, it should give a realistic range for how the results should appear ideally and convey what is surgically possible.  Contact Dr. Narasimhan, double-board certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology, to view your simulation schedule your rhinoplasty consultation today!

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