Male Rhinoplasty–A Challenging procedure

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Male patients who undergo rhinoplasty have different challenges, goals, and expectations.  As a rhinoplasty specialist, these differences are very important to understand.  Nosejob or rhinoplasty is an individualized procedure that takes years to master.  Dr. Narasimhan has experience with a variety of rhinoplasty cases, including male rhinoplasty.

Let’s breakdown the male rhinoplasty procedure.


Males generally have thicker skin than female patients.  As a result the tip of the nose is thicker and the tip tends to drop with age.  This is called ptosis of the nasal tip.  In addition, the nasal bones are thicker and the cartilaginous structures were more robust than females.  Often these patients have trauma and scarring.


In male rhinoplasty patient the goals are generally to remove the hump of the nose and keep the tip of the nose straight or slightly rotated.  This provides aesthetic balance.  We have to be careful not to overdo the procedure, but overall we want a more proportional and nose.  It is important to listen to the surgical goals during the consultation process when creating a surgical plan.  Dr. Narasimhan discusses the procedure with his patients for over one hour.  There are also, special maneuvers to keep the tip from dropping with age.


Below is a patient who underwent rhinoplasty with some on-the-table intraoperative results.  He did see improvement in the structure of the nasal tip and the profile.  In addition, we removed the hump and shortened the nose.  Patient did not like how his nasal tip was very droopy.  He is thrilled with his results after surgery.

Male rhinoplasty before and immediately post op Male rhinoplasty patient before and after photos

Final Results:

Male rhinoplasty before and after photos oblique and profile views Male rhinoplasty before and after photos profile view

Combining procedures:

Dr. Narasimhan does frequently combine rhinoplasty with other procedures such as chin and neck liposuction, and chin implants.  These procedures can add overall harmony with the nasal procedure.

Dr. Narasimhan is a board certified plastic surgeon in specialist in facial plastic surgery including rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery.  His practice is based in Tampa Bay.



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