Rhinoplasty–Cutting-Edge and Innovative Techniques

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Rhinoplasty has evolved tremendously from its origins.  At Narasimhan Plastic Surgery, Dr. Narasimhan trains other surgeons yearly from around the world at the International Dallas Rhinoplasty course, on the most innovative and effective nasal reshaping surgical techniques.  Rhinoplasty is more about aesthetic balance and proportion, rather than dramatic changing one’s appearance.  This is the essence of Dr. Narasimhan’s technique…

Aesthetic Goals:

  1. Form and Function–In every sense, rhinoplasty is about achieving patient goals of aesthetic form and functionality.  In many patients, cosmetic goals are present (i.e “doctor can you reduce this large hump?”), however we want to also make sure the nose breaths well and airflow is good.  Form and Function are intricately intertwined in how we manage the patients–and often a procedure to, for example, straighten the nose cosmetically, also involves straightening the nasal septum.
  2. Balance with the rest of the face–Chin Projection and Cheek Structure highly affect how we manage rhinoplasty.  For example, patients with a smaller chin often have large noses in proportion to the rest of their face, particularly on the profile views. Chin augmentation or chin implants can be effective for balance, but at the vary least a discussion with the patient is necessary to review these factors. In addition, cheek structure is very important, as flatter cheek structure can also make the nose appear larger.
  3. Excellence at all angles–Online and on Instagram and social media, many pictures on show a 2-dimensional view of the nose.  While the profile or lateral view can be a dramatic “before and after” shot, on our website we want to show all views including lateral, frontal, and oblique to ensure our patients can see a 3-dimensional view of the nose.  You can check out this photo gallery here
  4. Straight nasal bridge and a matching refined tip–One my surgical goals is to complement the bridge and the tip.  While patients may ask for “only the hump” or “only the tip” to be addressed, the nose needs to have proper balance and harmony, and that usually means making modifications to both elements.

rhinoplasty before and after photos in OR rhinoplasty actual patient before and after photos profile view

(Above) Two different types of patients showing balance in tip and nasal bridge after rhinoplasty

  1. Other techniques addressed during rhinoplasty or nosejob often include…
    • Hump reduction
    • Tip refinement
    • Narrowing the nasal bridge
    • Improving breathing
    • Altering projection
    • Altering rotation


Dr. Narasimhan is a double-board certified plastic surgeon trained in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) surgery.  He performs rhinoplasty weekly in his Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater Florida practice.  He is an expert in the procedure and can guide you through your consultation. Contact us today!


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