We’re Back May 4th for Procedures

Narasimhan Plastic Surgery
We’re Back!!!
Actually, we have always been here, but the Practice will be resuming treatments (surgical and non-surgical ) May 4th! 🙂
Dr. Narasimhan, Mareth, Kassie, and Katrina have been diligently working on the practice during this pause in treatments.
As a Tampa Bay, Florida community we have distanced for our safety and now we are thrilled to start to see our loyal and wonderful patients again.  It is exhilarating to see our fellow small businesses start to resume activity, including some restaurants, and retail stores.  While we have all made sacrifices, the sense of community has been strong and powerful.  During this time we have been able to spend time with our loved ones and connect in “virtual” formats.  As an office, we have continued providing products online, taking virtual consultations, and taking phone calls.  We have also advanced some projects to improve our office, staff, education, and innovation.  We have stayed throughout this time engaged with our great patients.  Our practice will be better than ever!
Please call us at 727-289-7119 for any questions, and visit our instagram or facebook page for other info and updates
What Adjustments Will You Make?
We will follow recommendations based on the safety guidelines set by the State of Florida, and have made simple adjustments as we phase back in…
  • Patient screening pre-visit
    1.  this will be asking some basic questions on exposures, and symptoms
    2. It will be a basic checklist based on CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines
  • Adjusted scheduling, PPE use, and distancing of appointments
    1. This will be as much as possible spacing patients in the waiting area, and appointment times
    2. minimizing visitors in the waiting area
    3. Providers wearing masks when in close proximity
    4. Patients will when possible wear masks in the office
  • Maintaining our high cleaning standards in the office
    1. Our office is sanitized every day by a professional crew
    2. We will continue to disinfect patient rooms between visits
  • Virtual Consults are Always an Option
    1. For patients who prefer, the option for virtual consults, using our HIPAA compliant platform is available
    2. Expect the same standard of professional etiquette that you would expect in an in-person consultatoin
These simple steps will keep our patients and staff as safe as possible.
We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in the office 🙂
Please call ahead as our scheduling is filling fast, and thank you for your patience during this time!
Dr. Narasimhan, Mareth, Kassie, and Katrina

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